Narrow Line-width Fiber Laser, 1k~3kHz, 20~500mW, C-band, Low Noise



The narrow line width module is compact laser modules employing the high-performance compact Distributed Bragg Reflection (DBR) Cavity Fiber Laser, which features mode-hop free and very narrow linewidth. It provides a stable, easy-to-use, low cost alternative to other ECL lasers. The module uses reliable, qualified and industry proven components, and employs special temperature control circuitry and anti-shock structure to ensure stable performance under flexible circumstance . External control can be accomplished via a standard software interfaces.

FEATURENarrow Linewidth Laser Module -mini

Line-width, typical <3kHz, min. 1kHz

Low phase noise and RIN, high SMSR

Max. output power up to 500mW

Anti-shock structure design, mode-hop free

Thermally tunable wavelength , high stability


Fiber sensing for security and protection

Coherent radar ranging and remote sensing

Acoustics sensing and hydrophone

Coherent communication, or Laser seed


Parameter Unit Specification
Wavelength Option nm 1530-1565 (Customized)
Operating Mode Single Longitudinal Mode, CW
Linewidth Hz Typ. 3k, Min. 1k
Optical Output Power dBm 20/50/100/200/500
Wavelength Accuracy nm ±0.01 or ±0.1 or ±2
Frequency Stability/30min Hz 50M
Wavelength Thermal Tuning pm ±100
Optical Power Stability/4Hour dB ±0.03
Phase Noise dBrad/rt(Hz) -120
Relative Intensity Noise@>3MHz dB/Hz -120
Optical Attenuation Range dB 20
Side mode Suppression Ratio dB >= 55
Polarization Extinction Ratio dB >= 23
Optical Isolation dB >= 50
Fiber Specification PM1550, FC/APC
Com. Port Protocol/DB9 RS232
Operating Temperature -5 ~50
Power supply* DC 5V, 4A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 150x125x20 (Module)



1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Package Wavelength Wavelength Accuracy Output Power Line-width Fiber Type Connector
M=Module C34=1550.12nm 2=±2nm 20=20mW 3k=3kHz P=PM fiber FA=FC/APC
Cxx= 1=±0.1nm 50=50mW 1k=1kHz NA=None
0=±0.01nm 2X=200mW