40Gbps PIN Detector, U2T (Finisar) XPDV2120RA, Fiber Coupled Photo-receiver

40Gbps PIN Detector, U2T (Finisar) XPDV2120RA, Fiber Coupled Photo-receiver

The XPDV2120RA photo-detector consists of a well-established, waveguide integrated single photodiode chip. Designed to exhibit an optimized frequency response in both, power and phase. Due to experienced RF packaging, the pulse response shows almost no ringing, and single power supply make it extremely easy to use.


  • Photodiode DC Responsivity @ 1550 nm, 0.65A/W Tpy
  • Polarization Dependent Loss: 0.3dB Typ
  • Optical Return Loss: Min.27dB
  • 3dB cut-off Frequency: 40GHz Typ (AC coupled output)
  • Photodiode Dark Current: 5nA, Typ
  • Pulse Width(Time Response): 10ps
  • Wavelength Range: 1480~1620nm
  • Average Optical Input Power Range: 10dBm
  • Photodiode Reverse Voltage: 2.8V


  • High bandwidth combined with flat response
  • Excellent pulse behavior
  • Unsurpassed High-Power handling
  • High responsivity
  • Unique on-chip integrated bias network
  • Well matched to 50 Ω


  • DWDM
  • Communication systems at 40 Gb/s (OC-768) and beyond
  • Microwave photonics up to 60 GHz
  • High-speed Light-wave characterization