100Gbps Coherent DP-QPSK Receiver, Fujitsu FIM24704, Integrated in One Package

100Gbps Coherent DP-QPSK Receiver, Fujitsu FIM24704, PBS and 90Deg. Hybrid Integrated

The coherent receiver module FIM24704 consists of an integrated polarization beam splitter and four balanced photo-receivers monolithically integrated with optical 90° hybrids. The receiver is a fully differential optical front-end suited for 128Gbps DP-QPSK applications featuring high linearity and high common mode rejection ratio. The optical 90° hybrids demodulate the I/Q incident signal for each respective polarization state using external reference oscillator laser sources. The mixing products are detected by PIN-photodiodes and amplified by trans-impedance amplifiers (TIA) with linear transfer characteristics.

General Description

  • Up to 4x32GBaud, 25GHz 3dB cut-off bandwidth
  • Coplanar waveguide RF-output interface
  • Polarization diversity, input signal power monitor
  • Optical input power Max.16dBm for LO and –18~0dBm for SIG,
  • 18 dB dynamic range, 1528~1567nm wavelength range
  • OIF compliant and RoHS compliant


  • 128Gbps Ethernet Transmission Systems
  • Dual polarization coherent detection QPSK receiver
  • Intradyne and homodyne coherent detection

FIM24704-1 FIM24704-2 FIM24704-3