10Gbps Optical Modulator Driver, JDSU H301 Series, 7V RF Amplifier

10Gbps Optical Modulator Driver, JDSU H301 Series, Single Input RF Amplifier

The H301 optical modulator driver provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an external laser modulator. Typical applications include driving EML, EAM, and Mach-Zehnder style modulators. The flat gain and flat group delay response yield a high quality, low-jitter electrical drive signal. The driver meets applicable SONET and SDH standards for OC-192 10 Gb/s optical transmitters and includes reference and detector outputs to enable external temperature-compensated control of output drive levels. The module has field replaceable input and output K-connectors for the input/output drive signals and an eight-pin connector for the detector, reference, and power interfaces.

Key Features

  • 26dB gain to 10GHz, 24dBm saturation output power
  • Low power, 4.9 W; swing amplitude, 7Vp-p
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Low jitter
  • Data rates from 2.488 to 12.2 Gb/s


  • SONET/SDH equipment
  • SR, IR, LR optical transmitters