200Gbps MACOM Quad Channel Linear RF Amplifier, MAOM-003414


The MAOM-003414 is a high performance optical modulator driver for 100G and 200G applications requiring linear amplification. It integrates 4 identical driver channels in a high performance package with differential surface mount co-planar inputs and single-ended GPPO outputs for direct connection to an OIF compliant LiNbO modulator.

Each channel has linear gain which can be adjusted with analog control from 12 dB to 19 dB with a differential input voltage up to 1000 mVpp. Excellent THD performance is maintained across the output voltage range of 3 Vpp to 5 Vpp. The output voltage can be maintained constant using the integrated, temperature compensated, peak detectors in a closed-loop control circuit. Typical power consumption is 7.7 W while crosstalk and skew are minimized for optimum system performance.

MAOM-003414 - mini

Block Diagram and Eye Diagram at 32.5Gbps


 100G DP-QPSK Transponders and Line cards

 200G DP-QAM systems

 Other applications requiring Lithium Niobate optical modulators


 Supports data-rates up to 32.5 Gbps

 Linear output voltage range from 3 Vpp to 6 Vpp

 Linear gain range from 12 dB to 19 dB

 Integrated peak detectors and temperature sensor diodes

 Typical THD of 4%

 Power consumption of 1.9 W per channel

 High performance package with surface mount inputs and GPPO outputs

 Integrates all bias chokes, coupling and decoupling capacitors

 Package size 27 mm x 29 mm x 6.4 mm