10GHz LiNbO3 Modulator Driver, Single Channel, Max. 7.5Vpp, Wide Band Amplifier

10GHz LiNbO3 Modulator Driver, Single Channel, Max. 7.5Vpp, Wide Band Amplifier, EVK-RF-A-10-21-M


The optical modulator driver provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an external laser modulator. Typical applications include driving EML, EAM, and Mach-Zehnder style modulators. It amplifies up to 12.5 Gb/s data input signals to >+7.5 Vpp drive levels. The flat gain and flat group delay response yield a high quality, low-jitter electrical drive signal.

EVK-RF-A-10-21-M -Angled Side View - mini


Low power, 3.5W, and low jitter
3dB bandwidth, 10GHz; Up to 12.5Gbps
Tunable Amplitude, 2.0~ 7.5Vpp
Turnkey EVB, single power supply, DC12V


EML, EA, MZM Driver, Modulation Fomat OOK/ BPSK/DPSK/NRZ/RZ/Pulse
Microwave Photonics
Pulse generator and amplifier


Parameter Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Data Rate Gbps 12.5
3dB Bandwidth GHz 10
P1dB Output dBm 22
Output Amplitude Swing Vpp 1.5 7 7.5
Input Amplitude Swing Vpp 0.2 0.5 1.5
Variable Gain dB 26
Gain Ripple dB -1.5 +1.5
Noise Figure dB 7
Input, Output Impedance Ohms 50
Input VSWR 1.6:1 2.25:1
Output VSWR 2.0:1 3.0:1
Signal  Output and Couple Single Ended
AC Coupled
RF Port SMA Female
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC12V, 0.5A (EVB)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 100×40×25 (EVB)

Note: *The specifications subject to change without notice.



1 2 3 4
Package Data Rate Output Swing RF Connector
M=Module 10=10Gbps 3=3Vpp K=SMA
E=EVB 40=40Gbps 7=7Vpp G=GPO

Typical Eye Diagram at 14Gbps