8x50Gpbs Bit Error Ratio Tester, BERTWave E856F, 25GBaud PAM4 Data Generator

The 400Gbps Bit Error Ratio Tester (BERTWaveE856F) is a 8-lane and multi-rate high performance bit error analyzer supporting FEC. It provides 8-lane bit error test simultaneously, with each lane supporting multi -baud-ratio PAM4 signal from 14.06GBd to 28.90GBd,and diverse code pattern. It also supports the user-defined code patterns, output signal amplitude adjustable, polarity reversion, and switchable test mode of timing and continuous. With the graphical user interface running on PC, the BERT is quite easy to use.

For most of high speed communication labs, it is too expensive to afford a gigahertz signal or clock generator, not to mention an instrument of tens of gigahertz. The BERT is not only a bit error analyzer, but also a cost-effective data and clock signal source, with the PAM4 rate up to 28GBaud. It makes a luxurious signal generator or arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) dispensable.

PAM4 BERT -mini


  • Optical transceiver module development and production (QSFP-DD/OSFP/QSFP28/CFPx/CXP)
  • Development and production of electro-optical assembly or subsystem( TOSA,ROSA,AOC, etc…)
  • Testing of optical-electronic components and devices
  • System equipment installation and troubleshooting;
  • 10G~28GBaud high ratio of PAM4 data and clock signal source.


  • Channel mode: 8-lane available for parallel test
  • NRZ Rate: 8.5Gbps,9.95328Gbps,10.3125Gbps,10.709Gbps,12.5Gbps,14.025Gbps,20.625Gbps,25Gbps,25.78125Gbps,26.5625Gbps,27.85Gbps
  • PAM4 Rate: 14.0625GBd,16.875GBd,18.125GBd,18.75GBd,19.53125GBd,20GBd,22.5GBd,25.3125GBd,25.625GBd,25.78125GBd,26.5625GBd, 28.05GBd,28.125GBd,28.9GBd
  • PAM4-FEC-KP4: 16.875GBd,21.25GBd,23.75GBd,26.5625GBd,28.05GBd,28.125GBd,28.9GBd
  • Clock: Two-channel triggering signals
  • Output voltage amplitude: 0~450mV (Single-Ended)
  • Output polarity invert: Normal, Invert
  • Forward Error Correction: KP4-RS(544,514)FEC.
  • Test time set: non-timing (continuous test),30s,2min,10min,30min
  • high performance, easy to use, cost-effective
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Remark  
Data Rate(Gbps) 8.5 25.78125 27.85 NRZ  
Symbol Rate(GBaud) 14.0625 26.5625 28.9 PAM4  
NRZ Pattern PRBS7/ 9/10/11/15/23/ 31/user defined SELF-DEF 120bits  
PAM4 Pattern PRBS11Q/13Q/15Q/20Q/23Q/31Q/49Q/58Q/SSPRQ/Linear_test_pattern/JP03A/JP03B/user defined SELF-DEF 120bits  
Signal Output Swing 0mV 900mV AC, Differential  
Clock Output Swing 500mV AC, Single Ended 50ohm  
Trigger Out Frequency 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/24,1/48,1/80,1/120 DIV NRZ  
1/2,1/4,1/8,1/12,1/24,1/40,1/120  DIV PAM4  
Input Range(mV) 100mv 800mv AC, Differential  
Input Impedance 80ohm 100ohm 120ohm Differential  
Test Mode Continuous Long Time  
Timer Time SELF-DEF  
Power Supply AC100V~240V,50/60Hz  
Temperature(℃) 0~55  
Size (mm) 380*480*130  

Eye Diagram (NRZ at 28Gbps and PAM4 at 28GBaud)