Swept Tunable Laser Source, 1546nm~1554nm, Resolution 8pm, 20mW, 100kHz, High Performance

The swept tunable Laser source is based on advanced electrically pumped VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology. It is an attractive laser for FBG distributed fiber sensing, which synchronous scan rate is up to 200Hz. And the free scan rate can reach 100kHz without synchronous signal output.

The swept source takes advantage of intrinsic features of VCSEL to deliver best-in-class performance, variable scan speed and low signal noise. It features variable power, high stable optical output and comprehensive user interface or RS232 interface to help easy of integration.

Tunable Laser Source


●FBG distributed fiber sensing

●Optical Fiber Transmitter

●Testing and Measurement


●Wide scanning range, Min. Step 8pm

●High optical power up to +13dBm

●Variable full scan rate, up to 100kHz


Parameter Unit Specification
Swept Wavelength Range nm 1546 ~ 1554
Min. Wavelength Step pm 8
Full Range Scan Rate (Free Mode) kHz 0.1 ~ 100
Full Range Scan Rate (Synchronous Mode ) kHz 0.1 ~ 0.2
Max. Optical Power mW 20
Typical Line-width MHz 100
Optical Power Short Term Stability dB ±0.02dB/15Min
Optical Power Long Term Stability dB ±0.05dB/Hour
Side mode Suppression Ratio dB >= 50
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PM Only) dB >= 20
Optical Isolation dB >= 30
Fiber Type dB SMF or PMF
Synchronous Pulse Trigger LVTTL 3V3 (Internal)
User Interface Display and Button (Bench-top)
Com. Port Protocol RS232 (Optional )
Operating Temperature -5 ~ +35
Power supply* AC 220V (Bench-top); DC 5V, 3A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 280×260×120 (Bench-top); 150×125×20 (Module)

Note: *The specifications subject to change without notice.

**Multi-channel type is available upon request. Please contact the sales

Order Information


1 2 3 4 5
Package Band Output Power Fiber Type Connector
B=Bench-top C=C band 20=20mW P=PM fiber FA=FC/APC
M=Module 10=10mW S=SM fiber NA=None