40Gbps DQPSK Modulator, Sumitomo T.SBXH1.5-20PD-ADC, Lithium Niobate Fiber IQ Modulator

General Descriptions

This optical modulator is a Ti:LiNbO3 DQPSK Single-Drive Mach-Zehnder modulator with modulation speed of up to 22.5Gbaud.

This optical modulator integrates a monitor PD chip and coupler function for automatic bias control (ABC) for the compensation system of DC-drift and other phenomena.T.SBXH1.5-20PD-ADC-mini

40Gbps IQ Modulator with the Features of

• Low Drive Voltage, RF VπVoltage 3.5V@40Gps, Typ.

• 40Gbps(22GBaud) Mach-Zehnder Modulator Using Ti-diffused LiNbO3 Waveguide Technology for DQPSK Transmission Format.

• Separated DC Bias Port, Integrated Monitor Photodiode for Auto Bias Control

• Low Insertion Loss, ≤8.0dB Typ.

• Integrated Monitor Photodiode for Auto Bias Control

• Polarization Maintaining Fiber at Both Input and Output

• Applications – 40Gps DWDM DQPSK Optical Transmission System, Measurement Equipment for High Speed Telecommunications, QAM Modulation, Single Side Band-Carrier Suppression.

EYE DIAGRAM Symbol Rate at 10GBaud & Symbol Rate at 20GBaud