5Gbps Phase Modulator, Sumitomo T.PMH1.5-5-S, Lithium Niobate Modulator

General Descriptions

The Sumitomo/Sumicem .PMH1.5-5-S make up the most comprehensive range of electro-optic phase modulators available on the market for the 1550 nm wavelength band.

LN Phase Modulator Test Report (Typical Sample)

Testing wavelength: 1550nm

Input/output fiber: PM Fiber FC/SPC connector, etc.

Test Parameter Test Result Unit
Optical Insertion Loss with Optical Connectors 2.80 dB
Optical Return Loss- Input 42.10 dB
Optical Return Loss- Output 39.20 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio 24.5 dB
Optical Bandwidth 130M Hz Ref 5 G Hz