About Us

Founded in 2016, Lucent Technology Limited is a company committed to technologies in fiber optical communication and radio over fiber transmission.

We develop and promote photonics products such as Laser Source, Optical Fiber Amplifier, Photo-receiver and Optical Transmitter, etc. We also supply high performance optical modulators, electric-optical assemblies, corresponding RF drivers and bias controllers through our engineering, sales, testing and production teams. We provide innovative and cost-effective fiber photonic solutions to hundreds of customers all over the world, most of which are researchers, engineers and manufacturers.
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Competitive advantage

*Hundreds of products in stock, short lead time and quick shipment.
*Next-day shipping available for most products.
*Best cost over performance.
*24×7 online quotation, ordering and technical support.
*72-hour replacement policy (for components).
*Tailored to customer’s specifications.

Featured Products

Optical Source

We supply plenty kinds of optical sources covering wavelength from visible to near-infrared, such as 450~685nm, 780nm, 850nm, 980nm, 1060nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, 1650nm, 2000nm, etc. Either fixed or tunable wavelength, narrow line-width or broadband spectrums, high or low polarization extinction ratio (PER) optical sources are available upon request.

Optical Amplifier

We supply rare-earth doped optical fiber amplifier (EDFA, YDFA, EYDFA), semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), Raman Amplifier, covering band of 1060nm, 1310nm, 1450nm, 1550nm, 1590nm, etc. It features high power output up to 1000mW, high gain, and low noise figure down to 4.0dB upon request.

Optical Transmitter

We supply plenty of sorts of optical transmitters covering data ratio of 100G/40G/20G/10Gbps, and suited for modulation type of DP-QPSK, DP-BPSK, DQPSK, NRZ, DPSK, 16QAM and so on. All the key components of transmitters are manufactured by industry leading corporations like Fujitsu, Oclaro, Lumentum, Finisar, Sumitomo, etc.


Optical-electric receivers, such as PIN detectors, PIN-TIA receivers and balanced receivers, integrated coherent receivers are also available. The manufacturer brands of the key components are Fujitsu, Finisar, Oclaro, Neophotonics, etc. The data ratio covers 100G/40G/10Gbps, covering O, C, L wavelength band.

Electric-Optical Component or Assembly

All the components or assemblies including optical modulator, tunable laser, broadband signal amplifier, modulator bias controller, and photo-diode, can be customized, available in module, bench-top or other package types.

BTW: Lucent Technology Limited is a subsidiary owned by Realphoton Technology Co., Ltd. They are both focused in technology of fiber optical communication and radio over fiber transmission.