Data Mux/Demux

Data Multiplexer / Demultiplexer

40Gbps 1:4 Demultiplexer Module, Centellax MD1S4V1M, Agilent N4983A-D40 The MD1S4V1M is a 1:4 demultiplexer. The module accepts input data rates from 2.6 to 44 Gb/s with an input sensitivity less than 200mV-se. Differential data inputs are DC coupled and terminated with 50 ohm resistors to minimize reflections. The single-ended, half […]

1:4 Demultiplexer, 40Gbps, Centellax MD1S4V1M, Agilent N4983A-D40

40Gbps 4:1 Multiplexer Module, Centellax MS4S1V1M, Agilent N4983A-M40 MS4S1V1M is a broadband 4 to 1 MUX with continuous coverage from 2 to 44 Gb/s. The four quarter-rate data inputs are single-ended and AC-coupled, while the full-rate data output is fully differential and DC-coupled. The MUX accepts a half-rate input clock […]

4:1 Multiplexer, 40Gbps, Centellax MS4S1V1M, Agilent N4983A-M40