40Gbps PIN-TIA Receiver, Fiber Coupled Photo-Detector


The high speed photo-receiver Module consist of the key module,  high speed PIN-TIA receiver, which is a differential front-end with high differential gain and a typical bandwidth of 36GHz.The photo-receiver module contains  waveguide-integrated PIN photodiode (PD) and a single chip and limiting amplifier (LA) with limiting output buffer. The incorporated blocking capacitors enable AC output coupling. Its ease of use makes it ideal for Labs and Research.20180408_181413 - Copy


  • Sensitivity, typical -16dBm, O, C&L Band
  • Typical 36GHz 3dB cut-off frequency
  • Output voltage Max. 320mVpp


  • BPSK, QPSK Format, up to 40GHz
  • 43Gbps Optical Transceiver
  • Radio Over Fiber
  • Testing and Measurement


Parameter Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Operating Wavelength nm 1300 1550 1620
3dB Bandwidth GHz 36
Optical Input Power Range dBm -16 -8 +3
Conversion Gain V/W 200 600 1000
Maximum Output Voltage Swing mVpp 320
Photodiode DC Responsivity A/W 0.4 0.6
Bit rate Gbps 40
Equivalent input noise density pA/√Hz 18 25
Photodiode dark current/PD nA 10 1000
Optical Overload dBm +3 +4.6
Sensitivity dBm Typ. -12(@1550nm); -7(@1310nm)
Trans-Impedance Amplifier Elimination Optional
Signal  Output and Couple Single or Differential,  AC Coupled
RF Output Port 2.92mm (SMA and K Type Compatible)
Optical Fiber and Connector SM28-e, FC/APC
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC 5V, 0.2A
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 100x80x20(Module )



1 2 3 4 5 6
Package Bandwidth Wavelength TIA Electrical Interface Connector
M=Module 35=35GHz C=C band T=TIA A=AC Coupled FA=FC/APC
10=10GHz O=O band X=No TIA

EYE DIAGRAM ( NRZ at 32Gbps )

32Gbps Mod. Sig