40Gbps DPSK Balanced Photo-receiver, U2T (Finisar) BPRV2123, Differential Output

40Gbps DPSK Balanced Photo-receiver, U2T (Finisar) BPRV2123, Fiber Coupled, Differential Output

The Balanced photo-receiver module BPRV2123 is a differential front-end for 43Gbits/s DPSK-applications featuring high differential gain. The photo-receiver module contains two waveguide-integrated PIN photodiode (PD) and a single chip and limiting amplifier (LA) within one small form factor SMD-package. The Receiver is therefore well suited for 768/STM-256 system operation up to 43Gbits/s.

The DC output voltage can be monitored for OUTN and OUTP independently. For each amplifier path a threshold control at a linear amplification stage should be applied to ensure an optimized differential output signal.

An excellent electrical and optical phase propagation is achieved by a total skew of lower than 2ps between the balanced signal paths.


  • Hermetically sealed SMD package with two GPPO connectors
  • Balanced PIN / LA photo-receiver module
  • 500mV differential output swing and very low skew.
  • Wavelength range: 1530nm~1620nm
  • Dual optical input, differential RF output with voltage swing of Max.700mW
  • Typical 22GHz 3dB cut-off frequency
  • Differential conversion gain 2400V/W @ 1550nm
  • Sensitivity -8dBm@1550 nm
  • Differential DC coupled output with threshold control option


  • 43 Gb/s DPSK communication systems
  • Transponder and line card designs
  • Radio over fiber