10Gbps Optical Modulator Driver, Photline DR-DG-10-MO-NRZ, 8V RF Amplifier

10Gbps Optical Modulator Driver, Photline DR-DG-10-MO-NRZ, Single Input RF Amplifier

The Photline DR-DG-10-MO-NRZ is a driver module specially designed for 10Gbps / 12.5Gbps data transmission with NRZ format. It exhibits a 20 dB gain and can deliver an output signal up to 8Vpp. The Photine DR-DG-10-MO-NRZ is a key component to obtain high quality 12.5Gbps eye diagrams with high SNR, low jitter and short rise and fall time. It operates from a single power supply for safety and ease of use, and offers gain control over 3dB. It comes with SMA type RF connectors (female in, male out).


  • Output voltage 8 Vpp
  • High SNR > 25
  • Flat gain up to 8 GHz
  • Single voltage power supply


  • LiNbO3 modulators
  • 12.5 Gbps NRZ
  • OC-192 SONET / SDH
  • Research & Development