43Gbps Integrated DPSK Receiver, U2T IDRV2242A, Delay Line Interferometer Integrated

The integrated DPSK receiver module IDRV consists of a balanced photoreceiver and an integrated delay-line interferometer (DLI). The IDRV is a differential front-end for 43 Gbit/s DPSK-applications featuring high differential gain of typically 1500 V/W. The two output ports of a phase-tunable DLI are coupled into two single chip waveguide-integrated pin-photodiodes (PD). Signal gain is obtained using a differential amplifi er with limiting output stage. The limiting amplifi er produces a typical differential output voltage swing of 550 mV. The receiver is therefore well suited for phase modulated OC-768/STM-256 system operation.



  • Balanced receiver integrated with an optical delay-line interferometer (DLI)
  • Athermal DLI design, very low skew
  • Input power monitor
  • FSR of 21.5, 43, 50 or 67 GHz
  • Peak level detector
  • Optional: fixed attenuation in the constructive arm


  • 43G DPSK communication systems
  • Transponder and line card designs, repairs.