Low DOP/PER ASE Light Souce, 1250~1650nm, Ultra-wide Spectrum

1250~1650nm Low Degree of Polarization(Polarizaion Extinction Ratio) ASE Wide Spectrum Light Souce

The wide spectrum light source consists of wide-spectrum optical semiconductor Lasers. Spontaneous emission produced by energy level transition amplified by the semiconductor Laser is to generate an ultra- broadband spectrum. Different band can be combined to provide various operating spectrum, covering band of  1300nm, 1400nm, 1550nm and so on.

Pump Light Source


  • High Output Power and Stability
  • Broad Spectrum, up to 400nm
  • Low Polarization and Ripple


  • Fiber Optic Sensing System
  • Optical  Passive Component Spectrum Testing
  • Optical fiber grating testing
  • Spectral Analysis
Parameter Unit Specification
Wavelength Spectrum nm 1250-1650
Spectrum Width Nm 400
Output Power dBm 8.5 Max.15
Power Spectrum Density dBm/nm Min.-25 Typ. -23
Short Term Power Stability dB ±0.005/15Min
Long Term Power Stability dB ±0.02/H
Long Term Spectrum Stability dB ±0.05/H
Fiber Type and Optical Port SMF-28e,FC/APC (or Customize)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70
Relative Humidity % 20~90 (Non-condensation)
Power supply* AC 220V
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 300x230x70

Note: *The specifications for Stability is tested under room temperature 25±2℃ after warm-up 30 minutes.

1.Test condition: fixed temperature, CW.

2.The specifications subject to change without notice.



1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Package Wavelength Range Display Port Output Power Fiber Type Connector
B=Benchtop 400=1250-1650nm 0=Null 1=1 Port 08=8mW S=SM fiber FA=FC/APC
500=1200-1700nm 2=2 Port 10=10mW FU=FC/UPC
200=1450-1650nm 15=15mW etc.

1250~1650nm Spectrum -30dBm