40Gbps PIN-TIA Photo-receiver, U2T (Finisar) DPRV2322AD

40Gbps PIN-TIA Photo-receiver, U2T (Finisar) DPRV2322AD, Fiber Coupled, Differential Output

The photo-receiver module DPRV2322AD is a differential front-end with high differential gain and a bandwidth of 33GHz. The photo-receiver module DPRV2322AD contains a waveguide-integrated PIN-photodiode (PD) and a trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) with limiting output buffer. An integrated feedback loop optimizes the performance in the frequency and/or time domain with respect to different optical input power.


  • SMD package with GPPO connector
  • PIN / TIA photo-receiver module
  • Wavelength range: 1300nm~1620nm
  • Typical 33GHz cut-off frequency bandwidth
  • Differential conversion gain 1000V/W @ 1550nm, 600V/W @ 1310nm
  • Sensitivity -11dBm@1550 nm; -7dBm@1310nm
  • Differential AC coupled output voltage swing is limited to Max.1200 mV


  • 43 Gb/s communication systems (OC-768)
  • Transponder and line card designs
  • Radio over fiber