100Gbps PM-QPSK Integrated Coherent Receiver, Cyoptics (Avago) RX-PMQPSK-100

100Gbps PM-QPSK Coherent Receiver, Cyoptics (Avago) RX-PMQPSK-100, PBS and 90Deg. Hybrid Integrated

Avago (Cyoptics) Technologies’ 100Gb/s PM-QPSK Integrated Coherent Receiver integrates signal and local oscillator polarization splitters, two matched 90° optical hybrids, four high speed balanced detector pairs and four differential in/out linear TIAs with manual and automatic gain control in a single compact surface-mount package.

The receiver makes use of Avagos’ extensive portfolio of high speed InP based balanced photo-detectors (PDs) and Silica Planar Light-guide Circuit (PLC) device technology for the 90° hybrid mixers. It also leverages Avagos’ automated hybrid integration platform for mounting the balanced PDs directly onto the PLC chip to provide a highly integrated optical hybrid chip for high performance in a very small footprint.


  • Supports 100 Gb/s coherent PM-QPSK optical transmission systems


  • Complete integrated PM-QPSK coherent receiver functionality in a single package:

Polarization beam splitters

Optical 90° hybrids (coherent mixers)

Balanced photo-detectors

Linear differential in/out TIAs

Selectable AGC or manual control

  • Baud rate up to 32GBaud within the operating wavelength range of C-band
  • Optical input power Max.16dBm for LO and -23~-7dBm for SIG,
  • Conforms with OIF-DPC-RX-01.0 implementation agreement
  • Operating temperature: -5 °C to +80 °C
  • No active temperature control required.