40Gbps Balanced Photo-Diode Receiver Module, C, L & O band


The balanced receiver module is ideally suited for a variety of applications up to 43 Gbps such as D/BPSK, D/QPSK and . The module consists of a pair of balanced photodiodes and a high-gain limiting transimpedance amplifier. The module has a typical conversion gain of 1200 V/W. Its dynamic signal integrity control allows excellent OSNR performance , which result in optimum eye pattern and the minimum bit errors ratio. The module is available with single ended RF outputs , AC or DC coupled versions.


Sensitivity, -10dBm typical, C&L Band
Typical 35GHz 3dB cut-off frequency
Output voltage Max. 280mVpp
Auto Optimum Signal Integrity Control


43Gbps DPSK, QPSK Optical Transceiver
Radio Over Fiber, and Fiber Sensing
Testing and Measurement


Parameters Unit Parameter
Min. Typ. Max.
Operating Wavelength nm 1200 1550 1650
3dB Bandwidth GHz 27 35
Optical Input Power Range/Port dBm -10 4
Conversion Gain V/W 800 1200 1400
Maximum Output Voltage Swing mVpp 280
DC output offset

(for DC coupled version only)

mV 200
Photodiode DC Responsivity A/W 0.5 0.6 0.75
Bit rate Gbps 43
Skew ps 1 5
Equivalent input noise density pA/√Hz 80 100
Photodiode dark current/PD nA 5 50
Signal  Output and Couple Single, DC or AC Coupled
RF Output Port 2.92mm Female (SMA Compatible)
Optical Fiber and Connector SM28-e, FC/APC
Adjustment Mode Auto Optimum Signal Integrity Tuning
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC 5V, 0.5A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 100×80×20 (Module)

Note: *The specifications subject to change without notice.

*The appearance and the key component varies  according to different performance requirements.


1 2 3 4 5
Package Bandwidth Wavelength Electrical Interface Connector
M=Module 35=35GHz C=C band A=AC Coupled FA=FC/APC
O=O band D=DC Coupled


BPD 20Gbps