Visible and Infrared Laser Source, 405nm~940nm Optional, Fiber Coupled

The fiber coupled Laser source supports any of visible light wavelengths including 405, 450, 488, 520, 532, 638, 660, 670, 685nm and even near-infrared wavelengths including 785, 808, 830, 850. The Laser source consists of  fiber coupled semiconductor Laser diode and temperature stabilizer, which ensure stable output power,  spectrum and excellent transversal  mode TEM00.   The Laser source assists in the evaluating and manufacturing of active or passive optical component in the field of visible light imaging and indicating.

Tunable Laser Source


●Light spot indicator

●Visible light imaging and evaluating

●Optical component test


●High stable output power and wavelength

●Single transversal mode TM00

●Excellent light spot profile


Parameter Unit Specification
Nominal Wavelength nm 405, 450, 488, 520, 532, 638, 660, 670, 685, 785, 808, 830, 850, 940
Wavelength Error nm ±5
Output Power (Fixed) mW 5~150 (differs by wavelength)
Short Term Stability dB ±0.02/15Min
Long Term Stability dB ±0.05/H
Wavelength Stability pm ±5/H
Fiber Type dB SMF or PMF
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PM Only) dB Min.20
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70
Relative Humidity % 20~90 (Non-condensation)
Power supply AC-220V (Bench-top), DC-12V, 3A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H) mm 280x260x120 (Bench-top), 150x125x20 (Module)

Note: *The specifications for Stability is tested under room temperature 25±2℃ after warm-up 30 minutes.

1.Test condition: fixed temperature, CW. 2.The specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Information


1 2 3 3 3 4 5
Package Screen Channel No. Wavelength Output Power Fiber Type Connector
M=Module SCR=Touch Screen 1=1CH 532=532nm 20=20mW S=SM fiber FA=FC/APC
B=Bench-top X=No SCR 2=2CHs 405=405nm 5=5mW P=PM fiber